Delivering the Best

Roselli Wholesale Foods – Michigan’s Premiere Wholesale Food Supplier

Roselli Wholesale Foods – Michigan’s Premiere Wholesale Food Supplier

For over 45 years, Roselli has been proudly serving the South East Michigan area with high-quality products and impeccable customer service. Roselli is proud to be a family-owned, locally sourced company dedicated to providing the best wholesale food products and services in Michigan.

Excellent Delivery Service

Roselli boasts extraordinary delivery service, with very fast lead times– in fact, we can often deliver the very next day after an order is placed. We also have one of the most competitive fill rates in the nation. Roselli is proud to keep backorders few and far between, with a consistent record of filling customer orders completely.

Strong Tradition of Superb Customer Service

Most Roselli customers have been with us for several years. When you take into account our fantastic locally sourced and international product line and our unparalleled customer service, this comes as no surprise. In our efforts to fill each order completely, we often go out of our way to source products that are not usually a part of our product line. If someone needs something that we don’t have, we figure out a way to source it and meet their order.

As a family-owned company, we make sure to treat our employees AND our customers as our family. This means our knowledgeable sales representatives build strong, enduring relationships with our customers. Through these practices, we’re able to provide truly exceptional customer service.

Family Owned and Operated for Uniquely Dedicated Service

Treating customers like family is a big part of what makes Roselli unique. For example, if you’re talking to a sales representative and you’re not completely satisfied, you can always ask for Anthony, the owner and president himself. Anthony makes himself available to talk to customers directly to make things right or answer any questions you may have.

Here at Roselli, we care deeply about giving our customers the best possible experience, and we do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Roselli is Proud to be a Michigan Company First and Foremost

Insourcing all of our products, we seek to buy from Michigan companies before anyone else. In fact, we deal with every Italian food producer located in Michigan. We also only deliver in Michigan. In a corporate world, we’re proud of our dedication to our community and our home state.

Roselli – Michigan’s Best Wholesale Food Supplier

If you’re looking for authentic, delicious foods paired with exceptional customer service, then look no further than Roselli. Our 45-year record of wholesale food excellence speaks for itself!