Roselli Company History


Roselli is a company built on family roots and traditions. We’re a second-generation company that has been family owned and operated for over 45 years. At the end of the day, our success is built upon the fact that we treat our employees and customers like family.

Roselli Wholesale Foods started way back in 1971. Tony Roselli started the business along with his mother, father, wife and even his young son. Like many of our customer’s businesses, Roselli was founded by a family working together. Tony’s wife Nancy did all of the office work on a “desk” of an old door laid on four stacks of 6/10 tomato products. Salminia, Tony’s mother, would help out with cleaning and cooking, while his father Ercole ran the warehouse with a helper. Tony wore a couple hats, selling before changing into his work clothes and delivering in the truck.

Anthony Roselli (left), Anthony David Roselli (middle) and Tony Roselli (right)

Even Tony’s young son Anthony helped out, riding along with his dad in the truck to help with deliveries. While Anthony was too young to pick up inventory, he would help his dad by sliding it to the back of the truck. When Anthony was older, he graduated from Eastern Michigan University before returning to the company. Anthony now runs Roselli Wholesale Foods with the aid of lifetime valued employees and continued support from other family members.

Anthony’s son, Anthony David, now also works with the company, meaning a third-generation is on the horizon for Roselli. Anthony David handles buying and managing with his father. While Anthony has no plans for retiring anytime soon, he’s slowly grooming Anthony David to take over the family business.

Through multiple generations of hard work and a commitment to quality, Roselli has built an ongoing reputation of supplying the finest pizzeria, deli, Italian speciality, restaurant and institution supplies available on the wholesale market. The longstanding family roots of Roselli are a testament to the Roselli way of life — hard work, a dedication to superb customer service, and a close attention to providing only the best of the best products.

Looking for a wholesale food supplier with high-quality products and top-notch customer service? Call Roselli Wholesale Foods today to experience the family-owned difference.